Why should I use Reaper instead of a "real" video editor?

As a video editor, Reaper offers multiple advantages:
- It's cheaper than the competition. Not only you're getting a good DAW but a decent video editor too!
- It's lightweight but still very customizable software (you can write your own video effects).
- It has a simple and intuitive workflow (similar to Magix Vegas Pro).

Even though its advantages it's not all sunshine and rainbows.
- You need a good CPU to see smooth video preview during the editing.
- Can be tricky to achieve some effects without a preset.

If you're already comfortable with an actual video editor/compositing software maybe you shouldn't bother, but if you need to work on projects with a big emphasis on audio (music videos, YTPMVs, ...) you should give it a try!

Why yes, I use Reaper as my main
video editing software, how could you tell?